This site is all about the other half: The Business

I know how it goes. You spend years, spilling blood, sweat and tears just to get your comic made. You’ve sacrificed your social life to make comics and now it's become part of your identity. It’s on your mind all day, it’s a cause for guilt any time you’re not working, and it’s the source of some of your proudest moments and accomplishments.

But after you’ve spent all your energy actually making the comic, you don't know what to do next. You don't know how to get your comic seen, read, or enjoyed, by the people it was made for. Fortunately this site will help you do just that.

Breaking in vs. building a career

A lot of creators, though, think that learning these skills is unnecessary because a publisher is going to handle this responsibility for you. But, do you really want that? 

I won't deny that a good publisher can bring a lot to the table to help a creator. There's nothing wrong with wanting to work with certain publishers. But having a career as a comic creator goes so much further than just being published.

A career lasts, but even if you eventually "break in" you can struggle to stay in afterward. As a creator who has broken in, your career is outside of your control and you're subject to editors who can decide whether or not to publish your work.

On the other hand, building a career, independently, allows you to hold your future firmly in your own hands and puts you in a better position to do work with publishers on your terms. It's not about avoiding publishers, entirely, but about using what you learn about marketing and sales to make the comics you want to make. 

This is the larger point behind Creator At Large. Freeing creators, like you, from the mentality of breaking in. Think about how much you could accomplish if you were working on creating your own comics, rather than just developing pitches.

What you'll learn

Now, success doesn't happen overnight, but I know that learning more about the business of comics can accelerate your progress as an independent creator - and that's why I started this site. 

Here, you'll find the following:

  • Information about how to use 21st Century Marketing to get your comics read by more people
  • Strategies and advice on the business of comics meant to help you Sustain Your Independence.
  • Analysis of the Comic Industry so you can stay informed about how things are changing. 

The idea is that every time I publish a new post, we all become more knowledgable about the business side of our craft, and you get that much closer to having a career as a comic creator. 

About Me

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

I'm by no means an expert on the traditional comic industry - and I don't intend to pretend to be one.

What I am is a marketing consultant, specializing in working with artistic professionals and creative companies. I've worked with painters, screenwriters, publishers, and production companies. 

Despite that I've never been an editor at a comic publisher, or an on-staff marketing director.

But this site was never meant to be your guide to playing by the rules. 

Creator At Large is meant to challenge you to make comics differently and build a career on your own terms.

It's a place to discuss where the industry is going, and try to find how we, as creators, can get ahead of the curve by challenging established notions of how the industry works best.

It's a place for you to learn how to build an independent career and have the kind of success you could never have in the traditional market.

I'm coming at this with an understanding of the industry, a passion for better, innovative marketing, and a desire to find a better ways to build a sustainable career in comics.

Everything I write is a combination of common sense analysis, lessons learned from other industries, and the application of lessons learned in real-time. 

If you can get behind that, I promise that your time here will be time well spent, and that you'll leave more informed, better prepared, and on the road towards making a living making comics.