19 Reasons Why You Should Be a Comic Book Creator

A lot of people complain about it. I don't get why...

Being a comic book creator is awesome! It's the best thing in the world. Here are just some of the reasons why you should be a comic book creator:

1. So you can spend 10 years building a career to be called an overnight success

2. So you can eventually be hired to work on the same properties that have existed for multiple generations rather than bring new ideas to the table.

3. So you can feel the epic anxiety of waiting for a response from editors in your inbox. 

4. So you can be paid a lower page rate than what you deserve.

5. So you can get to the point where even though you're working professionally, regularly, you still have to hold down a full-time job to feed your family

6. So you can enjoy rejection time after time. "No, I'm not free to work on this right now." "No, I won't publish your comic. "No, I won't buy your book."

7. So you can spend the rest of your life courting thoughts of inadequacy.

8. So you can spend years working on a book only to have to struggle to get people to read it afterward.

9. So you can perpetuate a monopolistic distribution model headed by a man who profits off of and exploits the work of artists and doesn't get it.

10. So you can leave a lasting legacy of fantastic work and eventually have to run a GoFundMe to cover your medical expenses.

11. (If You're an Artist) So you can be left out of reviews on the books you worked your ass of to create.

12. (If You're a Woman)  So you can be asked whose girlfriend you are when you table at a convention.

13. (If You're a Woman) So you can deal with a lot of assholes on a consistent basis.

14. So when you tell people what you do and say "Comics" and they ask you "like a comedian?" You can say, "no comic books" and they can tell you, "Oh, like super heroes?" 

15. So you can participate in a medium and industry that routinely finds itself on the wrong side of gender issues.

16. So you can participate in a medium and industry that routinely finds itself on the wrong side of racial issues.

17. So you can participate in a medium and industry that's routinely wrong.

18. So you can participate in a medium and industry that people still think is dying.

19. So you can spend years building a career with no security or guaranteed path forward.

See, becoming a comic book creator can be all you want and more!

So what are you waiting for! Start making comics! Become the creator and enjoy all the fruits of your labor!

Staying Motivated

Now, I don't want you taking the post above the wrong way. I do think comics are awesome, but I won't deny that the truths above can really beat you down.

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