The Other Half of Making Comics

If a creator makes a comic, but nobody ever reads it, have they really made a comic?

The easy answer is yes, but most of us who are making comics want to be able to keep making comics. In order to reach that reality your comics need to sell. And, right or wrong, in today’s market creators are more frequently responsible for carrying that burden.

If you’ve created a great comic, but you haven’t created a great way to sell it, you have a bad business - no matter how good the story or art.

This might be a hard pill to swallow. And it’s not a responsibility most creators want or are willing to take on. However, if you learn to navigate the other half of making comics - the business responsibilities (especially sales & marketing) - you’ll reap the benefits.

If you decide to strike it independently, you can own your success. And if you instead prefer to work with publishers, you’ll always know what you’re getting into and be able to supplement their efforts as you like. Besides, as I mentioned, even when working with publishers the burden of selling and marketing your creator-owned work often lies on you.

It’s not enough to just make your comic available. You need to consider the ways your distribution strategy affects the release of your comic.

That’s what this topic is all about. The ins and outs of sales and distribution - from conventions, to working with retailers (both comic shops & bookstores), and to all the opportunities available to you online.