Every great comic starts with a great collaboration.

Whether you were at our Emerald City panel or not, you probably understand this. But we (Katie of Work Made for Hire, and Jeremy of Creator At Large) think that this important topic isn't discussed nearly often enough. So we're committing to help you develop the skills you need to become a great collaborator.

That starts here with this mailing list we're building - together! If you decide you want to become a better collaborator, you can sign up and get:

  • Katie's super helpful Collaboration Worksheet for having conversations with collaborators
  • The Creator At Large interview Jeremy and Katie did about the collaboration skills that are necessary for comics creators
  • Notes with all the great highlights of the ECCC panel "Wonder Team Powers, Activate! How to Make Great Comics with Collaborators" with Kelly Sue DeConnick and Steve Lieber.

Just fill in the form below and we'll get it right to you (just make sure you confirm your subscription after).

Katie Lane

Katie is a nerdy attorney, obsessed with negotiation. She works with comic book creators, authors, game designers, musicians, and freelancers of every stripe to help them protect their rights and get paid fairly for the work they do. Her speciality is teaching people who are intimidated by negotiation how to get what they want with confidence and calm.

Katie's creative background is in theatre and she now funnels that energy into writing, learning new things, and having Very Strong Opinions about stories.

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Jeremy Melloul

Jeremy is a writer and consultant. He works with both artists and creative companies, helping them develop their brands and tell their stories online. Using his perspective as an equal-part artist & entrepreneur he walks the line between business & art and helps creatives take control of their own futures.

When he's not doing that he's making his own comics and searching for the world's best pizza.