Creating Comics Is Not Enough

For a long time creators could expect publishers to take on the burden of marketing their comics.

Today, that’s no longer the case.

Not only are more creators striking out independently and finding that they need to learn how to better sell their comics & build an audience, even traditional publishers rely on the promotional efforts their creators make.



Kevin Kelly - 1,000 True Fans

Kevin Kelly is a brilliant writer, who has always stayed ahead of the world's trends. This essay "1,000 True Fans" was first written in 2008 (it has since been updated) and, to this day, it remains essential reading for anyone aiming to build a career and audience online. 

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ComixTribe FCBD Post-Mortem

A rare, practical look into how ComixTribe, a small indie publisher, approached Free Comic Book Day for indie horror hit / darling "And then Emily Was Gone."

Very practical info for those of you interested in learning more about FCBD.

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