Sharing the Medium of Comics with Andrew Woodrow-Butcher - CAL #033

Andrew Woodrow-Butcher - Sharing the Medium of Comics

Andre Woodrow-Butcher (@Dixitque) is a bookseller & industry professional who not works at The Beguiling, a fantastic Toronto area comic book store, as their Director of Library Services, but also at TCAF (The Toronto Comic Arts Festival), as the programming coordinator for their Librarian & Educator programming track, Kid's programing, and the TCAF Abroad program (more on that in the show). In this episode he joins me to discuss:

  • How comic festivals & conventions compare to each other

  • How he thinks about professional programming in conventions

  • The importance of librarians & educators with regards to the comic industry & how they work with comic professionals

  • How he helps libraries of all types build compelling comic collections

  • His perspective on book buying, informed by years of experience

  • The recognition of sequential art as a medium of literary merit

  • & more...

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QUESTION: What kind of professional panel would you love to see at a convention or festival?