The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum with Caitlin McGurk - CAL #041

Caitlin McGurk is the Associate Curator for Outreach at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum and an assistant professor at Ohio State University - the university that the library is a part of. As part of her role, she takes part in many of the library & museum's different functions, including developing the library's collection, organizing exhibits, and leading research using the library's extensive collection of American comic art (the most extensive collection I'm aware of). In this episode she joins me to discuss:

  • Her career up to this point

  • The mission of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

  • The importance of comics as a medium

  • The evolution of formats in the American comic industry

  • How the museum develops its exhibits

  • The integration of comics' as learning materials in curriculums across different fields

  • Her experiences working with artists at the end of their lives to discuss the future of their work beyond the extent of their own lives.

QUESTION: Have you been to any exhibits of comic arts? Which ones & what did you think?