Independent Opportunities for Comic Book Creators with George Rohac - CAL #007

George Rohac (@grohac) is a "manager, researcher, and strategic advisor at large." He's an official Kickstarter expert (recognized by Kickstarter), a webcomic expert, and a professional with many years of experience working in comics - across businesses that publish works online, for the direct market, and traditional booksellers. He is the founder of Organized Havoc, a public benefit corporation he created to work with comic book creators and help them manage both the projects they work on and their careers, over the long term.

In this episode, he joins me to talk about:

  • His journey into comics

  • The evolution of webcomics

  • How self-publishing & independent opportunities have changed the game for creator

  • The work of managing comic book artists (what he actually does as a manager!)

  • Advice for creators looking to build an independent living

I've been a fan of George from afar for some time and he has a wealth of knowledge I was very excited to dig into. I hope you check out this conversation and learn as much as I did!

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