Building a Business and Audience with Jake Parker - CAL #019

Jake Parker - Building a Business and Audience

Jake Parker (@mrjakeparker) is an independent comic book artist and a veritable comic industry entrepreneur. He has been extremely smart and proactive about building a large following for himself, making it possible for him to create his own comics independently through crowdfunding and pre-orders. He's also started initiatives like Inktober, which he's turned into popular movements throughout the entire comic industry. In this episode he joins me to discuss his projects and how he's built his audience.

  • How he balances business and art

  • The rise of Inktober

  • The development of his latest project: Art Drop Club

  • The value of having an agent

  • How he would go about building a career as an artist if he had to start over today

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QUESTION: As of this date, I'm off to France for Angouleme. Do you read any Franco-Belgian comics? What are your favorites?