Making Art and Commerce as a Comic Book Creator with Jim Rugg - CAL #039

Jim Rugg - Making Art and Commerce as a Comic Book Creator

Jim Rugg (@jimruggart) is an independent creator who’s never been afraid to pursue projects he’s scared about. As a result he’s assembled an interesting catalogue of work including comics like Street Angel and Afrodisiac, as well as other comic-related projects over his long career in comics. In this episode he joins me to discuss:

  • How he got his start in comics

  • The evolution of his comic "Street Angel" since he first published it in 2003

  • Straddling the line between independent and mainstream work

  • How he makes a living from his patreon, comic sales, digital store, and other sources

  • His other comic-related projects (like his podcast & YouTube channel)

QUESTION: Who is your favorite new comic book artist?