Passion, Profit, and Practicality with Jim Zub - CAL #040

Jim Zub - Passion, Profit, and Practicality

Jim Zub (@jimzub) is a comic book creator who’s had not just one, but two 30+ issue creator-owned comic series (Skullkickers and Wayward). Ever since his first comic in 2001 he’s built a career for himself utilizing his experience as an artist and the security of a day job to build a creator-owned career on his own terms. In this episode he joins me to discuss:

  • The long path to his career in comics

  • How his love of Dungeons & Dragons has shaped his career as an artist & writer

  • His experiences working on licensed properties (in particular on the D&D comics)

  • His mentality behind why he continued to invest into Skullkickers even after it stopped being profitable and how it paid dividends

  • How he would go about building his career today if he had to start over

  • Why he's glad he's kept his dayjob & how he's utilized it to help progress his career in comics

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QUESTION: Do you have a dayjob? How do you fund your comics?