The Nitty-Gritty of Creating Comics with Justin Jordan - CAL #047

Justin Jordan - The Nitty-Gritty of Creating Comics

Justin Jordan is a comic book writer, most well-known for his work on comic such as: The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Spread, and Reaver. In this episode we discuss:How she's managed to make a living in comics

  • How he juggles so many different projects

  • How tracking his work helps him stay productive

  • How his break out comic changed his career

  • The work of building a successful series in the direct market

  • His experience with Webtoons and other formats

  • How he's approaching trying to diversify his income beyond comics

  • How he would build a career if he had to start over again today

  • & more!

QUESTION: Would you rather have a successful graphic novel released through the book market, or a successful miniseries in the direct market?