Career-Building and Self-Awareness with Karl Kerschl - CAL #016

Karl Kerschl - Career-Building and Self-Awareness

Karl Kerschl (@KarlKerschl) is a Canadian comic book artist/creator that I've been a fan of for a long time. He's not only created (or co-created) his own independent webcomic - the fantastic "The Abominable Charles Christopher" - a very cool DC Comics title - Gotham Academy - and most recently ISOLA, at Image comics. But on this episode, we don't chat about the way he approaches his work creatively, instead we have a great conversation in which Karl reflects on his career and we discuss:

  • How Japanese Manga has influenced his work

  • His thoughts on self-publishing vs. working with publishers

  • His experience working in webcomics

  • The ways he's seen his audiences carry over between his different projects

  • How publishing has changed over the course of his career

  • The work of building an audience as a career

...And he even turns one of my questions on changing the industry back on me near the end... 

I'm sure you'll enjoy this one! If you're not familiar with Karl's work yet, I highly recommend you check it out!

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QUESTION: What's your favorite webcomic you're reading right now?