Charting Your Own Path with Maelle Doliveux - CAL #012

Maelle Doliveux - Charting Your Own Path

Maelle Doliveux (@ouimaelle) is an independent artist and the cofounder of the small press imprint, Beehive Books. She's made a name for herself creating and publishing the kinds of comics that few others make. They're incredibly well designed, and benefit from beautiful production. In addition, she's done all that independently - making use of Kickstarter to fund these works.

In this episode, she joins me to talk about:

  • Her most recent Kickstarter project. The first printed collection of her own work! Which raised over $60,000.

  • How she's approached creating comics / building a career that caters to a niche audience

  • The Kickstarter Creator-In-Residence program, and her experience as one of the program participants!

  • An honest take on the financial realities of making it as an artist

  • & more!

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QUESTION: What do you wish you knew about the comic book industry when you were first getting started?