October '18 Comic Book Industry Round-Up - CAL #010

Keeping Up with the Comic Book Industry

It's so hard to keep up with all the news in the comic book industry. Especially when you have to work on not only creating comics, but marketing yourself, or learning the business skills that are often necessary to being a successful creative professional.

For that purpose I'm trying something a little new with the Creator At Large podcast. The first episode of every month will be a comic news round-up, looking back on the episodes published the previous month - to discuss them and consider some of the takeaways, and to talk about the changes actively shaping the comic book industry through major business news of the last month.

The first episode is up now, looking back on October. It even includes a mini-interview & the entire episode is much shorter than our usual episodes - which will hopefully make it simpler and easier for you to listen to and get caught up.

October was a very interesting month this year, so I hope you give this new kind of episode a shot.

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QUESTION: What do you think of this new format of episode? Be honest! I want to improve it & make it as valuable for you as possible.