Turning Failure Into Success with Roye Okupe - CAL #018

Roye Okupe - Turning Failure into Succes

Roye Okupe (@YouNeekStudios) is a Nigerian comic book creator & entrepreneur who's done an incredible job overcoming the obstacles in his way towards telling his stories and sharing them with an audience. Through those experiences he's learned about hard work, perseverance, and the effort it takes to build an entertainment company production both comics and animation.

  • How to turn failures into successes (absolutely vital!)

  • How Kickstarter has made his ambitions possible

  • Why he's self-publishing

  • Strategies for getting publicity

  • The comic book market in Nigeria

  • How to become more skilled with business & marketing

I think you'll find his enthusiasm as contagious as I did!

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QUESTION: What international comics market are you curious about or reading books from?