Season 1 Finale + Industry Round-Up: September 2019 - CAL #052

Season 1 Finale & Comic Book Industry Round-Up for September 2019

Hello everyone! We're back with another Creator At Large All-Points Bulletin to help you keep up with all the news in the comic book industry so you can focus on everything else you already have to do.

As always we discuss the changes actively shaping the comic book industry through the major business news of the last month and try to get some useful takeaways from that news. Here's some of what we cover in this episode (fair warning, I rant a lot here!):

  • Marvel’s New String of Partnerships

  • Comics & Graphic Novels returning to the New York Times Bestseller List

  • The Creator At Large Podcast Hiatus & End of Season 1!

QUESTION: What would you like to see from Creator At Large in the future?