Indie Publishing Master-Class with Spike Trotman - CAL #015

Spike Trotman - Indie Publishing Master-Class

Spike Trotman (@Iron_Spike) is a cartoonist and the founder/publisher of Iron Circus Comics - Chicago's largest alternative comics publisher. She's an indie powerhouse who transitioned from self-publishing her own work, to publishing amazing comics by other creators, raising more than a million dollars on Kickstarter in the process. I could talk about how impressed I've been with what Spike has accomplished for a very long time, but I'd rather let you listen for yourselves.

In this episode, she joins me in an extra-long episode of the show to talk about:

  • Iron Circus' evolution over the years and where it is today

  • Her plans for Iron Circus' future

  • How webcomic business models have changed

  • The evolution of the comics industry through the rise of digital and crowdfunding platforms

  • What she would do if she was starting over today

  • Her top self-publishing / indie publishing tips

  • & the Creators for Creators grant (which just might be right for you)

It's a packed episode that I'm sure you'll get a lot out of!

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QUESTION: If you could emulate the career of any one creator, who would you choose?