Building a Career on Your Own Terms with Stephan Franck - CAL #009

Stephan Franck - Building a Career on Your Own Terms

Stephan Franck (@stephan_franck) is an experienced animator, animation director, and a die hard comic book fan and creator. After a long career in animation he decided to return to his first love of comics and started creating and publishing his own comic book series, Silver, during the off hours. Since then he has started Dark Planet Comics to publish his works, funded several successful Kickstarter campaigns to realize the projects, and gone to conventions around the country selling his books.

In this episode, he joins me to talk about:

  • His lifelong passion for art

  • Lessons learned from the animation industry

  • How to transition into comics after an entire career in another industry!

  • The evolution of his comic book series, Silver

  • Lessons he's learned from his self-publishing efforts!

Stephan is directly in the trenches - like many comic book creators. But the discipline and work ethic with which he approaches his work is very inspiring. There's a lot to learn so listen in!

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