ComixLaunch’s Tyler James on Kickstarter, Persistence, and beyond! - CAL #008

Tyler James - Kickstarter, Persistence, and beyond!

Tyler James (@tylerjamescomic) is a comic book publisher (ComixTribe), educator, and podcast host. He's raised over $320,000 in funding on Kickstarter to bring comic books to life and has coached hundreds of creators to raise tens of thousands of dollars with their own projects. The latter he does mainly through his work at ComixLaunch, a podcast and set of online courses & resources meant to help comic book creators realize their dream projects.

In this episode, he joins me to talk about:

  • How he initially got started in comics

  • Lessons he's learned on managing his time

  • The avenues available to independent creators who want to build their audiences

  • The evolution of his publishing tactics & strategies

  • His experience with both comics and children's books

  • The training and resources ComixLaunch provides to creators

As you'll hear on the show, I've known Tyler for a long time and we're kindred spirits in our desires to make information on building a career more easily available to creators. As a result, there's a ton in here for creators at all levels to learn. Listen in & enjoy!

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