I figured it would be helpful to create a resource page you can always refer to for information on building a career in comics and products to help you achieve that same goal. I'll keep adding to it as I find more and hope this page can continually be useful to you! I definitely recommend you bookmark it for your convenience. Enjoy!

The Business of Comics

ComixLaunch (Podcast & Blog)

If you've thought about using Kickstarter but weren't sure where to start, or have wanted to take your crowdfunding game to the next level this is the site for you. Full disclosure, I am the co-founder of this site alongside Tyler James. But between my analysis of the platform, his experience with it, and the collective work we're putting into it, ComixLaunch is the #1 online resource for crowdfunding your comics. Go ->


Zub Tales is the online blog of comic book writer Jim Zub. I'm recommending because of how well-versed he is in the business side of comics. Though he concerns himself primarily with the Direct Market - as per his must-read Creator-Owned Economics series - I highly recommend you check out his site. Go ->


This book by Brian Michael Bendis does concern itself with making comics, but it has a great section on the business side of comics and some fantastic interviews with various comic professionals. Go -> 

Publishing & Getting Published

The Definitive list of comic publisher submission guidelines

This list by Jason Thibault has been a known comics resource for a long time and it was just recently updated for your benefit. If you're interested in working with a publisher, this is a good site to know. Go ->

Making Comics

Comic Writer Services (RESOURCE)

The Comic Writer Services started by comic writer Caleb Monroe and now managed by Dan Hill is a fantastic repository of a bunch of great links on various aspects of the comic industry intended primarily for writers. Go ->

Comics Experience (Online COURSES)

Comics Experience is online community of comic creators that's a fantastic place to get started creating comics. They offer a variety of classes all taught by professional creators which cover every aspect of comics from writing, to the art, to coloring, lettering, and editing. They also offer a private workshop, which is a great way to meet other, serious creators and stay accountable. They recently started publishing comics from workshop members in partnership with IDW. Go ->

Understanding comics (BOOK)

Scott McCloud is an accomplished cartoonist and one of the foremost scholars on the comic medium. This book is considered essential reading by most creators and with good reason. If you haven't read it, fix that. Go -> 


If you have any links you think I should include here, please let me know!