A Different Kind of Mailing List

I hate mailing lists that turn out to be poorly hidden disguises to spam me, or just generally provide little to no value.

That's why with this newsletter, I wanted to do things differently, and make sure that every email is packed with value.

-what you'll get-

The weekly newsletter comes every Tuesday and is comprised of:

  • Weekly Soapbox - An opportunity for me to dive deeper into something I've already covered, explore a new topic, or answer a question I've gotten about building a career in comics.
  • A Look Back - A look back at the last post I've written, so you'll be sure not to miss anything.
  • The Pull List - Don't waste your time reading through every comic site. I'll do that for you, and curate a list of the must-read articles related to building a career in comics. 

Other advantages include sneak peaks and early access to upcoming projects meant to help you find success as a creator. Not only will you get to look at them early, but you'll also help shape the form they take.

On top of the weekly emails, you'll also receive extra bonus emails every now and then, that dive more deeply into specific aspects of building a career and highlighting important events and issues in the comic industry.

-Why You'll regret not signing up-

  • It's hard to keep up to date on everything going on in the industry. With my weekly list, I curate the best / most relevant information so you save time.
  • While the conversation starts here on the site, it continues in the newsletter. There's no reason to voluntarily miss out on more chances to discuss the industry and talk about how we can better take part in it.

-Who It's for-

If you're serious about not just mastering the craft of making comics, but also the business, this newsletter is for you.

It's going to best serve those of you who are already motivated, engaging with the content on the site, and are looking to further accelerate your progress. 

If you're ready to give it a go, sign up below!

If at any time the newsletter stops being useful for you, then feel free to get in touch - I'll give you a full refund* and I'd be more than happy to hear any feedback I can use to keep improving the mailing list.


*the newsletter is free.